Secrets of the Sky – Pathway

secretsofthesky-pathways-620x620  I’ve never even thought to fathom of what atmospheric doom metal would begin to sound like, but thankfully Secrets of the Sky have answered that with their newest album “Pathway”, and the results are something that I’ve never dared to dream of. This album is without a doubt in my mind one of the best doom metal albums of 2015 if not the best. Every single thing about “Pathway” blew me away 100% and I gladly went with it because this album is something that had an immediate click with me and I was able to find infinite things to enjoy out of it. About every other track is totally atmospheric with the majority of them just being the echoes of footsteps hitting a rocky ground be it a hallway or a cave, another having the sound of water running and dripping in a cave with very nice echoes following, and one other having the vicious breathing and growling of some gigantic beast waiting to be unleashed. But after those come some of the best heavy doom metal I’ve ever heard in my life and it just sounded too f**king good to me! Sometimes the heaviness will pause and slow things down even more and bring a real tranquil feel to the music until the deep, guttural vocals, ripping guitars, intense drums, or all three come back into the mix. You really cannot go wrong with “Pathway” with it being my firm belief that this will make it into my top albums of 2015 list by the time it comes through sorting through the year’s albums. Secrets of the Sky have created a masterpiece that will not soon be forgotten by me or doom metal fans everywhere who are lucky enough to hear “Pathway”.

You can stream the music video for “Eternal Wolves” off of the album via YouTube below, stream “Pathway” in full via Spotify here, and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. I
  2. Three Swords
  3. II
  4. Angel in Vines
  5. Another Light
  6. III
  7. IV
  8. Garden of Prayers
  9. V
  10. Fosforos
  11. VI
  12. Eternal Wolves
  13. VII