Sede Vacante – Conium Review

This time I’ll right to it. The most interesting thing in this album “Conium” is the guitar riffing. From the very beginning of the album Sede Vacante deliver the fan thick and mesmerizing guitars. To some extent, they remind me Zakk Wylde’s overtones. I mean, the strong guitar playing with low chords and catchy interventions. However, “Conium” is an album that changes its heart from first track through its grand finale. From an interesting Old School Heavy Metal with some keyboards and a female vocals in the four initial tracks to a pop  Symphonic band until the end. It’s not that I don’t like it, but the beginning was more promising. By the way, before I write anything about the last tracks from the album I’d like to highlight Sede Vacante’s Gothic version of all time Rolling Stones classic “Pain in Black.” It’s such a personal version that only from the chorus I could notice it was “Paint in Black.” Great versions are just like this. It’s strong, mystic, ominous, and dark. Just the way metallers appreciate.

On second thought, after listening the album a little more carefully – when I say that is because I write my impressions before listening to all the album. It happens sometimes – “Conium” has more changes in it. “Melancholy Bled” follows what has been turning into a standard of Modern Gothic Metal bands that is to add electronic effects and some white noise in their music. The song does that and for this it gets very near what other bands as Battle Beast’s “Circle of Doom” and Metalite’s “Virtual World” are doing these days to name only the ones we’ve reviewed here recently. Following track “Walk on a Lie” goes to the same lane. The problem is that on these tracks the guitar looses its power giving in the background sometimes leaving the effects lead. What really works for me is when they contrast with them. When the guitars maintain their grip as a powerhouse. So, the album has in fact three parts. The ones I’ve mentione before anf this one I’m talking about.

“Conium” started very promising with some very striking guitars. Then there was a change of heart to something more pop, what wasn’t really expected by the initial tracks. Then Sede Vacante decided to add some elestronic effects and some white noise to their music. My impression is that if the band had maintained the same guitar as in “The Bride” the outcome would have been even more interesting. Here in “The Bride” the guitars are really present with the effect aforementioned. Tittle track “Conium” has the right tone for me.

Sede Vacante “Conium” will be released on October 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Furia
  2. Mistaken
  3. Dead New World
  4. Conium
  5. Raindrops
  6. Paint in Black
  7. Melancholy Bled
  8. Walk on a Lie
  9. The Bride
  10. Wheel of Misfortune

Watch “Conium” official animated video here: