SEERESS And “Great Void”

Having quietly released three stellar EP’s in as many years, it is safe to say that Cleveland, Ohio’s SEERESS is officially one of post-metal’s best kept secrets. Fusing the ethereal beauty of post-rock and the muscular explosiveness of metal they have crafted an expansive sonic landscape that has the power to overwhelm listeners with the sheer  eight of its rugged, sludgy riff worship while simultaneously allowing its shimmering guitar textures to inspire reflection, be it introspective or faced toward the celestial unknown. What one may find there is theirs alone to know, but SEERESS offers the vehicle to facilitate this discovery.
Their 2017 EP “Great Void” is their most encompassing journey into sound to date. In just under 30 minutes they deliver a package that includes crushingly heavy guitar work, savage low end and an increasingly spectacular collection of towering crescendos. What stands out most though is “Great Void’s” accessibility and the fluidity with  which it blends stylistic varieties. Even working within the framework of lengthy compositions this is an album that propels forward with consistent immediacy. Its ambient/drone movements come with a clear purposefulness, its melodic moments are breathtaking, and the precisely controlled eruptions of grandiose heaviness deftly balance snarling, fist-clenching riffage with a deep focus on earth-shaking groove. “Great Void” is indeed an album that will leave you wondering “how have I not heard this until now?” Except now you have, and the next step is to share in that experience with others.
Tirelessly looking forward toward the next peak, Seeress is currently at work on a new release, their fourth since 2015. This is a band on the precipice. The Great Void is a stunning landmark on their ascent, marking now as the time for their introduction to the world at large.
“Great Void” Album Credits: Seeress: Dane Cochran, Gemile Nye, Douglas Hall, Roger Miller, Kevin Kowalski; Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Dave Piatek; Mastered by Brad Boatright.

You can hear “Great Void” on Spotify and BandCamp.

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