Sense of Fall – Fallen Statues

11182299_469996653163648_1920490403274684215_n  The one genre to me that has always had a special place in my heart is melodic death metal. I love death metal and I love melody, and when the two are combined and done right it makes for one of the best sounds that I’ve ever heard in my years as a metal fan. And sometimes there’s a curve ball that gets thrown at you and changes things up. That’s what “Fallen Statues” from Sense of Fall did for me, and the curve ball that I’m talking about is the fact that this is female fronted which I’ve not seen a lot of in melodic death metal (Arch Enemy, I know, shut up). But the combination of the vocals along with the guitars and drums which were more melodic than anything so they sacrificed a good bit of brutality for form. However, that led to a very nice mixture of elements that really let the album ebb and flow and more at its own pace without seeming like its trying too hard or doing too much to impress the listener. I will admit though that I’m not all that big about the very first track out of the 5 off of “Fallen Statues”, but the rest a done really well with the vocals, guitars, and drums all making this solid melodic sound that can surely get anyone who likes melodic death metal tapping their feet in rhythm. “Fallen Statues” is far from the album of all albums, but it does show that Sense of Fall has the ability somewhere to do something create awesome. The right circumstances simply have not been met yet.

You can stream “Fallen Statues” on Spotify here and then purchase the album via iTunes here.


Track Listing:

  1. Misanthropy
  2. Fallen Statues
  3. Flash Burns and Shadows
  4. What Lies Behind Lies
  5. Shrivel