SEPTA Releases ‘Golem’ Music Video


Ukrainian progressive metal band SEPTA have released music video for “Golem,” taken from their latest album Bitten by the Serpent of the Kingdom of the Spirit.

Bitten By The Serpent Of The Kingdom Of The Spirit is the fourth album by Ukrainian metal band SEPTA that are famous for shifting their genre focus on every release. This time around the band went full-on prog fueling their new music with inspiration from bands such as TOOL, MASTODON, OPETH and OCEANSIZE.

Album is based on the novel Der Golem by Gustav Meyrink and the German lost movie The Monster of Fate, and the whole story revolves around Jewish myths of golems and reflects a lot on the concepts of free will and life preservation.

Musically it is aiming for a more theatrical sound that combines progressive metal influences with a Broadway musical-style hooks, with vocal-oriented arrangements that underline the narration and cinematic aesthetics BBTSOTKOTS is quite a ride to enjoy multiple times, while trying to decipher cryptic story hidden in the lyrics. Album may come as a surprise for those who know SEPTA by their mathcore opus Destroyer, but still has much to offer for fans of heavier music. All the songs were mixed and mastered by Lewis Johns who has previously worked with bands like ROLO TOMASSI, EMPLOYED TO SERVE and FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, released on Venona Records.