SEPUTUS Launch Album Title Track ‘Phantom Indigo’


Philadelphia/NYC extreme metal trio SEPUTUS announce the bands long-awaited new full-length album, Phantom Indigo, to be released on June 4th, 2021 2XLP, compact disc, and digital, via Willowtip. This is the first release since the bands 2016 critically acclaimed album, Man Does Not Give!

Now, the band have launched the monstrous and mind-bending title track from Phantom Indigo. For almost ten minutes, the track takes the listener on a psychological thrill-ride inspired by the book, Hallucinations by late neurologist, Oliver Sacks. Featuring outstanding guest guitar solos from REPLICANT guitarist, Pete LloydSEPUTUS transcend the tides of extreme metal with hellish, suffocating, and sinuous atmospheric pressure, cerebral despair, and a frenetic yearning for air.

You can listen to the track “Phantom Indigo” below.

About the title track, SEPUTUS founder, guitarist, and drummer comments:

“There’s a story Oliver Sacks wrote in his book Hallucinations about seeing the color ‘indigo’. I’d read an excerpt from the chapter ‘Altered States’ where he talks about it. Afterward, I became kind of obsessed with the idea of willing your frame of mind into a different state of consciousness. The stream of negative bulls**t in my head was prominent at the time, so sometimes I’d look at everyday things in life more abstractly to seek distraction. I would drive and stare at license plates and signs to rearrange the letters and numbers in my head into different patterns. I estimated the distance of telephone poles, thought about their positions in relation to other things on the street or how far they could carry electricity.”

Phantom Indigo Track Listing:
1. The Will To Live
2. The Learned Response
3. Tautology
4. The Forgetting Curve
5. Deuteragonist
6. Phantom Indigo