Serbian Black Metal Squadron KOLAC Release New Single, ‘Eppur si Muove’

Kolac Band

Serbian Black Metal squadron KOLAC release the first single taken off their upcoming advance promo material scheduled for the 12th of May in collaboration with Pest Records.

Here’s what the band had to say about it: “‘Eppur Si Muove‘ is a first glimpse into KOLAC‘s new promo material, as well as the full length to come. It also marks the opening of the gates to our cooperation with Pest Records that is to bear hellish fruit later on. The song itself, as its title suggests, deals with Galileo Galilei. And not just him as the track stands for all the wrongfully accused and burned at the stake in the name of science. Thus, KOLAC makes the first into the semi-conceptual record that will see many more pyres surround innocent (and otherwise) individuals.”

The visualizer video, the first of its kind in KOLAC‘s long history, has been marvelously done by Steve Thomas-Green of Digital Media Solutions.