SETH Releases New Single ‘Insurrection’

Photo credit: Andy Julia

In the shadow-clad heart of a world forsaken, where the embers of rebellion smolder quietly against the oppressive night, there emerges a clarion call that resonates with the fury of a thousand years suppressed. A declaration of war, a hymn of the dammed, echoing through the catacombs of a Paris reborn in fire and defiance. “Insurrection,” the latest track of SETH‘s La France des Maudits, heralds the dawn of a new era, an epoch where the chains of sanctimonious servitude are shattered, laying bare the throbbing heart of revolution.

Carved from the anguish and the wrath of those exiled from the grace of a callous heaven, Insurrection is a tempest. It is the voice of the pariahs, the decried, and the heretics, rising in unison to contest the celestial decree. This anthem invokes the spirit of the guillotine’s relentless justice, whispering secrets through melodies as cold and unforgiving as the steel that once severed crowns.

Through frenetic chords and libations of darkness, SETH weaves echoes of revolt, each note a defiant thrust against the omnipotent overseer. This is the sound of insurrection; it is the upheaval of centuries-old dogma, a challenge to the throne of an absent deity. The fallen seraphim have found their voice, and it is one of cataclysmic beauty – an ode to liberty, equality, and truth.

La France des Maudits is out July 14, on Bastille Day, through Season of Mist.

La France des Maudits track listing:

1. Paris des Maléfices (5:09)
2. Et Que Vive le Diable ! (5:35)
3. La Destruction des Reliques (5:51)
4. Dans le Cœur un Poignard (5:30)
5. Marianne (2:59)
6. Ivre du Sang des Saints (5:37)
7. Insurrection (7:33)
8. Le Vin du Condamné (8:06)
9. Initials B.B. (Serge Gainsbourg Cover) (Bonus Track) (3:49)

Seth La France des Maudits