SETH Streams Full Album ‘La France des Maudits’ Ahead Of Release

Photo credit: Andy Julia

From the crucible of France’s shadowed past, where the streets once echoed with the shrieks of the condemned, emerges an album that summons the spirit of insurrection and rebellion. SETH, the heralds of French black metal, return with their seventh full-length opus, La France des Maudits. This is no mere collection of songs; it is a revolutionary symphony that calls upon the echoes of fallen angels and the flame-lit guillotine.

SETH invokes the blood-stained history and mystic fall of a long-standing kingdom to create a soundtrack of defiance. Their latest creation, La France des Maudits, is an intricate tapestry of shadows, drenched in the wine of condemned men and the blood of saints. This black metal gospel speaks to the damned and the outcast, those who refuse to kneel before divine decay and instead, rise like wraiths in the night.

With tracks like “Et Que Vive le Diable!” and “Dans le Cœur un Poignard,” SETH carves out the anthems of resistance for a new age. These songs capture the raw, unyielding fury of a world on the brink of an apocalypse – a realm where the downtrodden rise in defiance against celestial oppression.

The album is premiering via Black Metal Promotion, and can be heard below.

La France des Maudits is out July 14, on Bastille Day, through Season of Mist.

La France des Maudits track listing:

1. Paris des Maléfices (5:09)
2. Et Que Vive le Diable ! (5:35)
3. La Destruction des Reliques (5:51)
4. Dans le Cœur un Poignard (5:30)
5. Marianne (2:59)
6. Ivre du Sang des Saints (5:37)
7. Insurrection (7:33)
8. Le Vin du Condamné (8:06)
9. Initials B.B. (Serge Gainsbourg Cover) (Bonus Track) (3:49)

Seth La France des Maudits