SEVENDUST Release ‘Kill The Flaw’ – Full Album Stream


Local heros, to me, SEVENDUST have released the full album stream for the much anticipated Kill The Flaw. This is a follow up to 2014’s awesomeness that was Time Travelers & Bonfires

I remember being in bands and looking up to these guys hoping that we could taste success as well. This band is based so close to where I live that sometimes I see them eating at various places when they aren’t touring.  I understand how it is to be home and spend time with family and friends, so I never bother them during their meals. Plus I don’t take my CD collection and sharpies to dinner.

Kill the flaw will be available Oct. 2nd Via I’ll own it and maybe I will have it and a sharpie in my car next time I see one of them out and about. I know first hand how obnoxious it is when you are hungry and somebody wants you to sign a napkin and your daughter is wondering what the fuck is going on and why they want daddy to sign shit.