SEYMOUR DUNCAN Releases the ‘Hendrix Pickups’

Seymour Duncan is now releasing a set of pickups that will amaze you Hendrix fan. We all know that only Hendrix sounds like Hendrix. But for Hendrix fans who love all things Hendrix we’ve created a pickups set that comes from the same dedication to mastery as the left handed guitar icon himself. Seymour has spent a lifetime working with artists but the day he got to meet his idol will forever be burned into his memory. These pickups have a special place in Seymour’s heart. Not only did he get to meet and talk shop with the legend, but also gave Hendrix a special set of pickups wound by Seymour on his record player. These pickups are as close as possible to the original specs.

Check out our short sound sample video with our in-house demo dude Kevin Harvey.