SHADOWDREAM To Release New Album ‘Nostalgia’

Ambient/jazz one man band SHADOWDREAM is proud to announce that his new album Nostalgia will be out on May 21st, 2021 via Epictronic/The Orchard worldwide. You can check out the new album teaser trailer below.


”How come some people, myself included, sometimes feel nostalgia for the times past, but not those times of significant pleasure, but rather those of great pain? Is it maybe due to the illusion of having control, as when we dwell in those times past we know how they were, so they don’t intimidate us as much as the future ones, which are filled with anxiety and uncertainty? This album dives in exploration of rather personal psychological journey of nostalgia for the times of depression and anxiety, which now seem as the safe place, especially during the period of uncertainty during global pandemic. Having talked with therapists and their clients, many times this concept of, let’s call it “negative nostalgia”, arose. Therefore, it is only a natural thing for me to explore it through music and go back to that difficult period which now seems safe. Last but not least, | would like to express my gratitude to Carlo and the entire Epictronic team for yet another chance to put out my music and stories behind it. Thank you!

The year 2004 SHADOWDREAM with the idea to explore various musical styles and genres, from NEOCLASSICAL, AMBIENT and finally JAZZ. This was the year while Rastko was still studying music theory in Music High School in Novi Sad, Serbia, prior to which he obtained a degree in violin. In December of 2005, first material DEMO ’05 was released, limited to 33 hand numbered copies while the very next month, January of 2006, album SLAVA PERUNU was recorded and published. Soon after, in March of 2006 album BRATSTVO SMRTI, limited to 66 hand numbered copies, was issued. During the summer, Rastko received a degree in music theory and piano/flute at the Music High School. While based in Stockholm on his Master studies in Cinema, Rastko traveled to remote parts of Middle East and and South/Central America in order to learn more about their cultures and gather more inspiration for further work.

SHADOWDREAM inked a contract with Italian label Wormholedeath.