SHAKIRA Posts About Listening To METALLICA

Sharika Metallica

Pop star Shakira has took to her social media channels to publish a new post about listening to METALLICA.

“On Tuesdays we listen to METALLICA and paint our nails fluorescent blue,” she wrote. Even though her hair covers most of her shirt, METALLICA logo is still managed to be seen below.

In a 2003 interview with Chicago Tribune, Shakira said that she viewed herself more as a rock artist than a pop star.

“I know I’m considered by many people to be a pop artist — and probably in America that’s the conception that most people have of me — but in Latin America I think I’m more known as a rock artist than pop,” she said at the time. “I like to always reinvent myself and reinvent my own songs. So the versions of some songs are more experimental. And in general, I think the rock side of my music comes out more naturally. For some reason, onstage my songs sound much more rock ‘n’ roll-oriented.”