SHAPE OF DESPAIR Release New Song ‘Dissolution’

Shape of Despair Band
Photo credit: Henri Koivula

On the darkest day of the year, Finnish funeral doom icons SHAPE OF DESPAIR release a new song from their new record Return to the Void. The new album will be released via Season of Mist on February 25, 2022.

Listen to new song “Dissolution” below.

Return to the Void track listing:

1. Return To The Void (09:14)
2. Dissolution  (08:59)
3. Solitary Downfall (11:06)
4. Reflection In Slow Time (08:08)
5. Forfeit (08:00)
6. The Inner Desolation (11:48)

Shape of Despair Return to the Void

Finnish funeral doom icons SHAPE OF DESPAIR return from the wintry Nordic gloom on their new album, Return to the Void. Between the success of the majestically downtrodden Monotony Fields (2015) and today, the members of SHAPE OF DESPAIR have been composing (glacially) and otherwise ensconced writing/performing with their other projects like FINNTROLL, IMPALED NAZARENE, THROES OF DAWN, and COUNTING HOURS. The Finns have never been or found the need to be prolific, however. The race into the cold darkness is a contemplatively unhurried task. Return to the Void is musically and thematically that same journey, one of perpetual solitude and aching hopelessness, driven straight into the heart of frigid twilight. As ever, this is cheerless music for sunless days.

“Not long after Monotony Fields, I started composing for Return to the Void,” says guitarist/founding member Jarno Salomaa. “At first, the title song sounded too primitive. I thought I would make a solo album out of it, but after a while, the song reminded me of older RAVEN material. Naturally and eventually, it started to feel like a SHAPE OF DESPAIR song.”