Sharked – Generalized Death Drive

a2413089397_10  I will never ever, ever, ever in the history of all that is disgusting and unholy ever f**king understand the hate behind all -core metal. “But it’s not metal” some of you might be bitching. Well then, you impudent f**ks, allow me to show you Sharked – the most brutal deathcore band I’ve had the pleasure of encountering recently. Their newest helping of their craft, “Generalized Death Drive”, is without doubt the most recent quintessential deathcore album you are going to want to check out should you want something that is simply unrelenting, brutal, and oh so magnificent. The album has but six tracks to its name and not even a 30-minute run time, but they use that time to present to you something that simply cannot be ignored. All of these songs have their own unique flavors that you can choose from whatever you want whether they consist of the most f**ked up lyrics you can scrounge from the depths of hell or the brutal riffs that one simply cannot resist even if they tried. “Generalized Death Drive” is simply a real f**king ride through the flames of hell, going through every sort of murder there is, and presenting it in the most applause worthy way possible. Sharked have created something that can truly defy the stereotype that deathcore doesn’t have anything to it and that it’s bad, but that’s one thing this excellent piece is. If you want one f**king brutal of a time that will not disappoint, Sharked has got what you need.

You can purchase “Generalized Death Drive” via iTunes here, and you can stream it on Bandcamp here or stream it in full via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Genocide
  2. Liberticide
  3. Infanticide
  4. Tyranicide
  5. Homicide
  6. Suicide