How SHARON OSBOURNE Caught OZZY Allegedly Cheating On Her


According to In Touch, Sharon Osbourne used a private investigator to catch Ozzy in his latest infidelity.

News broke over the weekend that couple were splitting after 33 years of marriage due to Ozzy’s alleged infidelity with a celebrity hairstylist.

An “insider” told In Touch that Sharon “found out that Ozzy was spending a lot of money. She wanted to know what he was buying and who he was buying it for.

“The investigator discovered that he was basically living a double life,” the source added.

Ozzy had been using the cash to spoil another woman — his alleged mistress, celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh, according to In Touch‘s source.

Sharon Osbourne has confirmed the rumors about her separation with Ozzy Osbourne in latest edition of CBS‘s “The Talk” on Tuesday, May 10.

Sharon said that she had kicked Ozzy out of the house, but he had now returned and Sharon moved out.

Asked if it was true that she kicked Ozzy out of the house, or if that was just “made up, “Sharon told her “The Talk” co-hosts: “No, it’s true.” As to whether or not that situation was permanent, Sharon said: “No, he’s back, and I’m out of the house.”