SHARON OSBOURNE Says Her Son JACK Was Attacked By ‘Homeless Guy’

Jack Osbourne

Last week, Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack was attacked by stranger while he was at a California coffee shop.

Jack was at a coffee shop this past Wednesday in Studio City where he was sitting on the sidewalk patio when someone who appeared to be homeless came out of nowhere and sucker punched Jack on the right side of his head. Jack, who had his back to the street, got up and threw his coffee at the guy, who then ran away.

Jack‘s mother, Sharon Osbourne, opened up about the incident during yesterday’s (Monday, April 8) episode of the CBS daytime talk show “The Talk”.

She said:

“[Jack] was in Studio City [on April 4] having his morning coffee, answering his e-mails. [it was] 9 o’clock in the morning, and suddenly, bam, he got punched in the face. He didn’t see it coming; he was just on his phone. A homeless guy punched him in the face, and a guy that Jack was with kicked [the attacker] in the ribs. So, Jack followed him, called the police, and then [the attacker] pulled a screwdriver on the police.

“The police tased him and arrested him. And in the interim, a guy came up to Jack and said, ‘Why are you having him arrested? He’s homeless…’ And then said to Jack, ‘Oh, but I did see him attack two women last week.’

“You know what? Everybody wants to be kind, but if there’s somebody that has a mental illness attacking people…”