Shivers Addiction – Choose Your Prison

154013  When it comes down to it, there’s never anything wrong with listening to something that you find to be “alright” or simply not as good as other s**t you jam out to. It helps you appreciate other music more and helps you get a better grip on what your taste really is, but then there’s just the factor of enjoyment to be had out of it, and that is exactly what happened with me for Shivers Addiction’s latest album, “Choose Your Prison”. It’s one of those albums for me that while listening I’m not exactly enthralled by what I’m hearing, but it’s enough to keep me interested and keep me listening. The thing that had to keep me going was definitely the instruments being of the neat rhythms and hooks they pulled off that were done really well if you ask me. It had to have been the vocals that I got caught on simply because they sounded hollow in comparison to everything else that was going on, and put the whole sound off balance for me and really bothered me for whatever reason. Then there’s the fact that I just don’t think the vocals go well with the rest of the band in terms of synchronization of sounds and overall rhythm that just threw me off so much, but I ultimately did still manage to get enough enjoyment out of “Choose Your Prison” despite the vocals, of all things, holding me back from really enjoying it. Having something as big and as crucial as the vocals drag down an experience isn’t fun for anyone, but the fact that by the end of these ten tracks I didn’t flat out hate Shivers Addiction in general says something to me. Hopefully, this isn’t something that some time and more experience can’t fix, and who knows maybe when they come back I’ll investigate once more and have a change of heart? Time can only tell, and for right now I’m sadly gonna have to distance myself from this album.

You can purchase “Choose Your Prison” via iTunes here, and stream the album on Spotify here.

Track Listing:

  1. Eternal Damnation
  2. We Live on a Lie
  3. La mort qui danse
  4. The King and the Guillotine
  5. Money Makes the Difference
  6. Freedom
  7. Where Is My Future
  8. Painted Arrow
  9. Against We Stand
  10. Death Has Nothing to Teach