Shotgun Rodeo – By Hook or By Crook

If you are one who have always wondered how a grunge band would be if their music was a bit more dynamic, frenetic and exciting, Shotgun Rodeo “By Hook or By Crook” is here to solve all your doubts. It’s grunge with a punch and sharp guitars. “By Hook or By Crook” is full of dirty guitars and vocals but still with a grunge scent. Hum, that doesn’t smell right. Shotgun Rodeo do what Alice and Chains never had the balls to do. I know many of you won’t agree with me, but I have the pen, boys and girls. Nah, of course it’s not like this but believe me, Shotgun Rodeo do sound grunge. Maybe because of vocals.

Well, the most amazing thing about Shotgun Rodeo is that they have a song called “Tony Iommy” which tells about Black Sabbath and their albums. Pretty cool homage. Another to mock with Yoko Ono, a thing everyone of us would like to do. You wouldn’t? Well, I would. In fact, Shotgun Rodeo like funny lyrics or to choose unusual themes for their songs. “Bastardize the World” is a very good example. To write “Minions without opinions” isn’t everyday we see. Sharp tongue as well as one can see by the lyrics of “Taking My Life Back” which bitches around reality shows. I must say I agree again.

But there is also some hard rock in “By Hook or By Crooklife. So here’s “Twist of the Knife,” the last but not the least, to prove us that. Nice riffing with some guitar squeaks. BTW, one can listen to guitar squeaks in all “By Hook or By Crook.” Another thing we don’t hear everyday. Well, not anymore. Title track, “By Hook or By Crook,” from where I’m standing the best, starts up with vocals almost like Butthole Surfers, but soon vocals go back on track. Its frenetic riffing and swing are something to note. Nice dissonances in it too. I liked also the bass sonance.

Shotgun Rodeo “By Hook or By Crook” will be released on August 24th.

Track Listing:

  1. By Hook or By Crook
  2. Taking My Life Back
  3. Fort Knox
  4. Y.O.P.B.
  5. Blamin’ the Kremlin
  6. The Bandwagon Syndrome
  7. Shooting Slugs
  8. Human Hand Grenade
  9. Stereotypical
  10. Tony Iommy
  11. I Am the Silver Bullet
  12. Bastardize the World
  13. Twist of the Knife

Watch “Fort Knox” official video here: