Shotgun Rodeo – The New Standard

The New Standard (EP COVER)  If you ask me, it’s very hard nowadays to come across any good rock bands that you’ve never heard of before. And it’s even still harder to find one that before even the first chorus of that first song hits you already know that you’ve found a killer group. Such a thing hasn’t happened to me for quite some time but luckily Shotgun Rodeo came along and broke such a poor streak with their mad upcoming EP “The New Standard”. Now, I want that album title to be taken as literally as f**king possible for any rock band out there because this album in particular has got everything you could possibly need or want out of a record of its kind, and with matching levels of enjoyment to be had to match. All six tracks off “The New Standard” have the energy the likes of which you can only compare to lightning because of how fast and ferocious they are through every single second of pure modern rock done absolutely right. They’ve got that catchy sound to them along with the kick ass riffs and groove to match that keep you enthralled the entire time, and it’s hard not to love it simply because of how well this s**t is executed which is more than what many other bands can say who’ve tried this exact same formula. Yet somehow Shotgun Rodeo managed to beat out the vast majority and rise above them alone with “The New Standard”. It’s an irresistible piece that is by no means Shotgun Rodeo’s first foray into rock, but it is no doubt the best if I’d have to guess. Now, the only question is can they follow up such awesomeness with more excellence? I sure do f**king hope so, personally.

“The New Standard” releases on September 16th!

Track Listing:

  1. Bats**t Crazy
  2. Uncontainable
  3. Around the Bend
  4. Drawing Blood from Stone
  5. The New Standard
  6. Scatterbrain