Siberian – Live at Studio Underjord

I guess I’ve been made my point very clear when I say I love Melodic Death Metal. In my conception, Melodeth gathers all good features Heavy Metal has with an appealing aggressivity to our Metal ears. Moreover, it shows all the contradiction inside Metal music because its leading feature is to interpose melodic guitar interventions with graspy and harsh vocals. But, I have to confess that melodeth sometimes sounds redundant. There are tons of bands that joined the aggression and it, at last, makes the style more of the same. It’s impossible not to notice it. So what do we do in a review? We look for things in the band that make them stand out of the crowd.

The point is that a band can’t go very far from its roots, however they are obliged to give their contribution. Siberian with “Live at Studio Underjord” translate this idea very well. Siberian’s music is more intimistic. “Kingdoms” is the track that shows that at best with almost clean guitars which create a solid wall of sound inviting us to reflection. Siberian knew how to introduce into Melodeth some modern Black Metal influences to create an atmosphere of despair and grief. Those features brings music towards us and offer us some intimacy due to the closeness of the emotion. “Live at Studio Underjord” creates it very well. It’s a close album, an album that conquers you quickly. “Witness” does it perfectly.

Well, all that put, I read on their press release that Siberian considers themselves sludge or post-metal. hahahahahahahaha That’s life, my child of the night. Will I write everything again? No, not a chance. I believe in my ears and I consider them melodeth. It’s my professional opinion. That’s why I considered them so intimist… Nevermind. Do I actually know the difference between them? Hum, let’s go to the following review, shall we?

Siberian “Live at Studio Underjord” was released on February 1st via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Axis Mundi
  2. Heresy Breath
  3. Kingdoms
  4. Transcend
  5. Witness

Watch “Axis Mundi” official video here: