Sideburn – Evil or Divine

10406997_889627407725728_6293224061477603919_n The idea of a band that is so catchy that they can make songs without any meaning, purpose, or connection with the band itself is what makes a radio band that only makes songs for money. That’s what Sideburn’s new album “Evil or Divine” sounds like, but that’s far from what the album actually is. When I first heard this album I thought that it was going to be shit because it sounded too much like a radio band, but when I heard the first three songs in full I could not go without hearing the rest of the album because of how catchy it was and it was just jock full of inner meaning that if you really examined the lyrics you can understand what they’re getting at. The smooth vocals, spot on rhythmic guitars, and the solid and steady pace of the drums really brought this album together into the most ideal progressive rock album I’ve ever heard that was made for any sort of rock fan of any generation. “Evil or Divine” has got an excellent sound and I can say with absolute confidence that rock fans everywhere can love and appreciate this album by the end of the final track as I do because this is the shit and it has got everything you could ever want for a progressive rock album.

You can purchase “Evil or Divine” via iTunes here, and then stream the album on Spotify here. You can also stream the track “Sea of Sins” off of this album via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Masters and Slaves
  2. Sea of Sins
  3. When Darkness Calls
  4. The Seer (Angel of Death)
  5. The Day the Sun Died
  6. Evil Ways
  7. Presence