SIDES Reveal Three Live Videos

Sides Band

Djent/metalcore band SIDES from Belgrade, Serbia has released three live music videos for songs “Quiet Soul,” “Bloom,” and “Wilt,” all of which can be seen below.

Band commented: Band was formed in late 2015, and everything started very well and positive. We made our first video which drew a lot of attention, but soon after that, band faces a huge problem.

“The drummer gets a serious hearing issue that separated the entire band for almost a year and a half from anything related to band’s usual activities. First of all, we’re all long-time friends, and after that, a band, so replacing our drummer was never considered as an option.

“We’re friends who do this only because of the love related to music, and music gives us back the energy and holds us together.

“So far, Sides has four published songs that represent our first EP, and Live Session video which was published recently on ”The Circle Pit” Youtube Channel.

“Currently we’re in process of recording another EP, which will have five new songs, and one of them, called ‘Wilt’ is presented on our Live Session Video.

“The idea was to do something that no one of us did before and to use the remaining time that we had, in the best way, before our singer went abroad for business. It was a great experience for all of us, full of emotions and fun, and we’re all extremely happy how good everything turned out in the end.

“Of course, we’re very grateful to our friend Davorin Jovanovic (@daliloveart), because without this guy we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Entire video material for our live videos was recorded in the rehearsal studio Beat, in Belgrade (BIGZ), and it took us about 6 hours to record it. Live Session consists of three songs, two of them are from our first EP (‘Quiet Soul’, ‘Bloom’), and one is from our upcoming EP (‘Wilt’).

SIDES is a band that endeavors to inspire other people with lyrics and songs, and we hope that at least some of you will find your place in it so we can write that story together.”

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