Sig:Ar:Tyr – Citadel of Stars Review

It’s funny how one’s opinion can change after some nights and days. I’ve been trying to write this review since tuesday. The first time I listened to this album my thoughts were pretty different than they are now. At first, I thought that never in my life I would expect a band with the kind of sonancy Sig:Ar:Tyr are delivering here with their newest release “Citadel of Stars,” after an eight year hiatus since 2016’s “Northen.” In my mind there was a combination of early 1980’s Heavy Metal instrumentals with modern Extreme Metal vocals and other features. However, I have to agree it’s not like that anymore. What I thought that could be labeled as early 1980’s Heavy Metal instrumentals, now I think it’s just the instrumentals of Melodic Black Metal mixed with some touches of Progressive Black Metal. Maybe it was the instrumentals of “Beyond the Stars Unknown,” which reminded me a lot of early Scorpions, that made me go so far. On the other hand, I guess this is the very peculiarity of Melodic Black Metal and Progressive Black Metal, I mean, this combination of early 1980’s Heavy Metal instrumentals modern Extreme Metal vocals and other features. Well, just maybe.

“Citadel of Stars” commences with the long and widing “Awaiting the Last Dawn,” one of the tracks that confused me a little at first, but then, because of it I changed my mind. Besides this feeling of Old School Heavy Metal, the album delivers a strong Neoclassical grip. There is the instrumental “Who Will Guide Me Now” which a strong taste of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force’s. Its mood is gentle and calm taking the fan to a trip to far distant places as Atmospheric Black Metal tunes always take us. The same effect happens with “The Blood That Came Before You,” except that it’s not instrumental, but the neoclassical guitar interventions happen all the time. Album tittle “Citadel of Stars” follows the same instrumental with a great acoustic guitar and mood. By far the best track of the album, as it is usual to album tittles. From where I’m standing this kind of instrumental values a lot an album and makes it really more interesting. By the way, instrumentals here are flawless.

It’s also interesting to realize Sig:Ar:Tyr lirically use some themes that are somehow getting usual around Black Metal. I mean, themes as astronomy and picturesque views are getting usual to Atmospheric Black Metal bands. The CD cover also showcases these ideas. It’s almost a sci-fi movie.

A very interesting album to fans of sci-fi thematic bands and bands that explore a more neoclassical instrumental.

Sig:Ar:Tyr “Citadel of Stars” was released on May 31st via Hammerheart Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Awaiting the Last Dawn
  2. Beyond the Stars Unknown
  3. The Blood That Came Before You
  4. Citadel of Stars
  5. Ascending the Stellar Throne
  6. I Sail on, Eternal
  7. Who Will Guide Me Now
  8. From the Land of the North
  9. Where the Sun Never Sets

Watch official liric video here: