SIJJIN – Sumerian Promises Review

Are you, my dear fan, ready for some Old School Death/Thrash Metal? Ready for some faster than light drumming and overblow guitar solos? Ready for some harsher than life vocals and thundering bass?

I am. And here I present you SIJJIN with “Sumerian Promises” an album that relives the good old days of early Death Metal in full. The 11 tracks of the album are a burst in the face of any Metal fan. The band does an amazing job recreating the atmosphere and the sonancy of the 1980s flawlessly. Well, as I said before, when I was in my teens I didnt really apreciate this kind of Metal. Better, not out loud. I had a friend who used to get all the new stuff that he could get: Slayer, Voivod, Possessed, Venom, and many others. In fact, there was one little thing that I used to find very interesting in the music; the breakdowns. To me it was the coolest thing when the band suddenly steped down slowly changing cmpletely the cadence to add some more groove – Groove? Yeah, groove. – in the song. “Sumerian Promises” achieves to repeat this very dear feature. However, songs aren’t as fast as they used to make in that time. I mean, only Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal bands play this way nowadays. From where I’m standing this is great deal. The faster, the less one understands the song.

Album opener “Daemon Blessex” may be the fastest in the album. The best quality of SIJJIN is that they balance the speed and velocity in the album. That avoids it to be boring. Yeah, my dear child of the night, the faster, the more boring the song gets because there is the feeling that the songs gets so alike. Tittle track “Sumerian Promises” does a very job here to support the main idea of the album. There is a shadow convering the sumerians that bands love to explore. Many of them come because trheir religion supported the idea of demons and malevolent and wicked beings of all sorts. So, “Sumerian Promises” is an album to please all early Extreme Metal fans. Better yet, not only them.

SIJJIN “Sumerian Promises” was released on November 12th via Sepulchral Voice Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Daemon Blessex
  2. Dagger of a Thousand Deaths
  3. Those Who Wait to Enter
  4. Sumerian Promises
  5. Angel of the Eastern Gate
  6. Hunting the Lizard
  7. Unchain the Ghost
  8. Darkness on Saqqara
  9. White Mantras Bleed from Black Magic
  10. Outer Chambers of Entity
  11. Condemned by Primal Contact

Watch “Darkness on Saqqara” official video here: