Silius – Worship to Extinction Review

One thing is for sure; Thrash Metal bands really know how to write slow songs especially when they add other influences than Metal. So, I’ll begin this review differently inviting you, my child of the night, to go straight ahead to the last, but no least, track of “Worship to Extinction,” which is “Drowning.” The track has a great taste of the 1990’s music with its shoegazed cadence mixed with some guitar strummings and countrish clean vocals. Yeah, right. I guess it explains a little the spirit of the song that goes in a crescendo until reaching its peak with a strong and thick guitar and a harsh vocal. A good call to begin with.

The album kicks off the way thrash metallers, and I guess all metallers, love. First track “Worship” is a nervous song that comes with all the rage and wraith Metal promised to spread around the world. The song is fast and furious and tells a lot about the band. One thing that sparks the attention of the fan is the clear and prominent bass lines in all tracks. It’s always so good to listen to a clean and clear bass sometimes as Silius use here. Other thing I do like is hen a song kicks off with a loud and clear yell as “C.U.L.T” which gives for me an incredible power and passes an important message “This is clearly a Metal song!” I guess “Worship to Extinction” has lots of things that I do appreciate. For instance, the fast and furious guitar riffing of “Lesson in Blood” which is an invitation to not stand still and bang your head at large. We are headbangers, always remember that my dear child of the night. We bang our heads as a way of shiwing our love and respect for our music.

All right. That out after the fifth track “Worship to Extinction” takes the Pantera turn. From “Dance on your Grave” on, except for the aforementioned “Drowning” Silius show who has truely influenced tham, and that band undoubtedly is Pantera. All four tracks have a very strong Pantera accent only to mention a few things. To be fair enough “Evil Inside” scapes a little from this.

Silius “Worship to Extinction” was released on August 28th via ROAR!.

Track Listing:

  1. Worship
  2. C.U.L.T
  3. Horrorscopes
  4. Abominate
  5. Lesson in Blood
  6. Dance on your Grave
  7. Venom Baptism
  8. Tripping Balls Out
  9. Evil Inside
  10. Death & Glory
  11. Drowning

Watch “Abominate” official video here: