SILVER WIND Heavy Metallers Are Debuting With “Legion Of The Exiled”

SILVER WIND is a Heavy / Power Metal band from Grenoble (France) that was founded in 2005 by Eric (guitars and composition), Francois (drums) and Benoit (bass), a bit later joined by Mathieu (lead guitar) and Antoine (vocals). In 2013 they released their first EP entitled “Fight for Glory,” mainly influenced by the Swedish Metal scene and bands like Hammerfall, Ram or Enforcer. Afterwards SILVER WIND moved on to a much more Teutonic sounding style, reminiscent of Running Wild, Paragon, Iron Savior and Lonewolf, completing their current thunderous sound. Jens Börner from Lonewolf even contributes backing vocals on the band’s debut full-length “Legion Of The Exiled,” which also features a cover of the classic underground Metal hymn “Medieval Steel” from MEDIEVAL STEEL. This is Heavy Metal to the bone!

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