Silver Wind – Legion Of The Exiled

By the very first beginning, a spoken intro, one can notice that Silver Wind “Legion Of The Exiled” tends to be an epic effort. When the music begins, we are sure. Silver Wind are an epic power metal band. but what does that mean? It means that songs are grandious, melodic, powerful, vocals and guitar phrases tend to be more melodic and catchy. That’s it. “Legion Of The Exiled” is a grandious effort. No questioning about it. As a matter of fact, Metal has always been grandious. My guess is that Metal is the most epic, besides opera – and in my opinion Metal is the modern opera – musical genre.

It’s undoubtely that Silver Wind have drunk profusely in Running Wild’s waters – it’s no quible, folks – but point out any band that hasn’t gotten inspiration in their forefathers. Inspiration is much different from copycat. Silver Wind are no copycats. They are a legacy. “Legion Of The Exiled” is the album that Running Wild would have liked to make. But besides that, I could noticed some dashes of the late Viper in the instrumental parts which are carefully played. Take a look at the twin guitars solos in “Revenge.” Awesome!

There are songs as “Medieval Steel” where Silver Wind apply all their attitude and personality. And it’s a cover song, guys! The high pitches singer Antoine Volat gets are unbelievable. His vocal reach is really something. The guy can go from a high pitched song to a gritty one in a sec. Praises on you, Antoine Volat!

You’ll have no surprises in “Legion Of The Exiled,” just the high quality of it. And it’s no offense. One can hear “Legion Of The Exiled” and don’t be disappointed with it. Silver Wind give the fans what they want, and they want some pure epic power metal. So be it!

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Legion Of The Exiled
  3. Miracle Steel
  4. Fight For Glory
  5. Steel Against Steel
  6. Lord Of The Last Rampart
  7. Revenge
  8. Medieval Steel (MEDIEVAL STEEL Cover)
  9. Sword Of The Snow

Silver Wind “Legion Of The Exiled” will conquer the lands on November 13th via No Remorse Records.

Watch “Legion Of The Exiled” official video here: