Sin Starlet – Solid Source of Steel Review

Through these more than 50 years of hauting the world Metal music has given us metallers of all styles fantastic and personal voices. It’s possible to tell uncountless names of wonderful vocalists both female and male. From the high-pitched to the low-tuned, from the melodic to the harsh, but I guess the best are the ones with the personal quirky voices like Saxon’s Biff Bifford, Cirith Ungol’s Tim Baker, Scorpions’s Klaus Meine, or even the nasal voice of Manilla Road’s Mark “The Shark” Shelton. It’s such a pity that today’s Metal music things got so under the umbrella of two only possible voices. It’s hard a band out of the NWOBHM that surges for a different and unique kind of voice as Sin Starlet with “Solid Source of Steel” deliver us today.

Well, needless to say that Sin Starlet with “Solid Source of Steel” are unique in many ways not only the vocals. Instrumentals and the songs follow a different path that even NWOBHM bands do. Here we have a band with lots of personality, heart, and soul bold enough to be out of the box. Guitar tones, for instance, aren’t standard tuning, they are a bit, but a little bit lower. The same happens to the drums that have a lower tunig as well. My guess is that the band opted for these tunings to get a more near the original sonancy when the lo-fi production always used to low a but the sound of the instrumentals. Most of times because Metal bands used to recod their efforts at studios that had no clue what kind of hellish and loud music they were producing. So the higher the vocals, the lower the instruments. Interesting to telll that the album cover is also unique with a golden sun in the form of a vinyl album. Maybe it represents the band’s dreams of having a gold record plaque. Just maybe.

Sin Starlet “Solid Source of Steel” searches for a unique sonancy and it gets it. I’d say it’s a mix of Epic Metal with the twin guitars of NWOBHM and, of course, the unique voice of Elias Felber. The outcome my dear child of night can check it out here. No regrets.

Sin Starlet “Solid Source of Steel” was released on February 22nd via Metalizer Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Solid Source of Steel
  2. Rule Or Obey
  3. Straight and Ready
  4. Streetlight Domino
  5. Struck Down
  6. Blessed by the Shot
  7. Waves of Hamartia
  8. Iron Stamina

Watch “Solid Source of Steel” official video here: