Síndrome K – Sobreviventes do mal Review

Fearless. Full of hatred. Wrathful. Full of anger. Resentful. Fast and furious. All the good adjectives required for a Speed Metal band drenched with bands from the 1980’s as time had never gone by. Add to that an agenda full of critique to religion and politics. Can an album get even better? I don’t know, but this “Sobreviventes do mal” is a spoonful.

Every now and then comes an album in a different language than English. I have to say it’s not that rare, but it’s not common as though many bands thinking about the international market prefer to record their songs in English. Portuguese is one more of them. I guess it’s not the first we review here and it won’t be last. Well, I hope so. It’s great to sometimes listen to Metal in a different language.

“Sobreviventes do mal” commences with the album tittle blast “Sobreviventes do mal,” a track whose influences are clearly from the 1980’s Speed Metal. Sometimes, when the track gets more thrashy, as in “Instinto Animal” I remind of a Brazilian classic band called Chakal – many of you may know it from the “Warfare Noise” compilation. Despite the quality of the prodution the track has pretty much the same sonic intent. As Thrash Metal has a foot into Speed Metal, it would be natural Síndrome K would explore both sonancies. And they did it indeed. Some tracks as the album tittle sound pretty much Speed Metal as long as others as “Sua Sombra” have a more cadenced way of going through. “Barril dobrado,” for instance, addresses to Thrash Metal’s groove.

“Sobreviventes do mal” is fully drenched on 1980’s Extreme Metal from head to toe. It’s an album that homage a tradition and at Metal music world tradition is also good no matter what. Pay no attention to the language and enjoy!

Síndrome K “Sobreviventes do mal” was released in 2023.

Track Listing:

  1. Sobreviventes do mal
  2. Nosso destino
  3. Tarde demais
  4. Bem-vindo ao caos!
  5. Em nome de Deus
  6. Instinto animal
  7. Sua sombra
  8. O Vazio da queda
  9. Barril dobrado
  10. Vai ser feliz

Watch “Sobreviventes do mal” official lyric video here: