Singularity – Singularity

a2576244086_2  Singularity’s debut album self-titled album is one piece of extreme metal that fans of the genre would be disappointed to miss.

The album has a jaw-breaking pace and speed to it that gives the album a sound that just about any fan of all metal can come to love.

With this being Singularity’s debut album, I can only imagine what else they can come up with for a new album whenever they plan on making a new one.

You can listen to the album via their Bandcamp and buy it on iTunes.


Track Listing

  1. A Withdrawl of Salvation
  2. Remnant of Stellar Evolution
  3. Spacetime Devourment
  4. Monlith
  5. Throne of Thorns
  6. Desert Planet
  7. Utopian Flesh
  8. The Descent
  9. The Ascension
  10. The Resolution