Sinister King – All Is Vanity Review

Sinister King All Is Vanity

Sinister King is melodic heavy metal band from Norway that released its debut EP, “All is Vanity” in 2021. The band is still young and apart from a couple of singles that has previously released this EP is their first complete introduction. And regarding first impressions, this one is really good.

The “All is Vanity” is built on heavy metal foundations, balancing between the progressive and the groovy. Although, the general musical structure of the songs consists of heavy, powerful riffs, catchy choruses, solos and extended use of synths and keys, every song feels like it has its own, kind of unique approach.

Such an example is mainly the use of the synths that sometimes are used to create an ominous, darkish atmosphere like in the song “A Cure for Insomnia” while others create a euphoric feeling through their melodies, like in the song “Still Here”. Also, another detail was the heavier, brutal-like vocals in the opening track of the EP that helped in growing and sustaining the ominous atmosphere.

A thing that is really noticeable even from the first couple of minutes is the quality of the production. Clear and solid, the production seems like it was constructed around the needs of every song individually since it was always on point by complementing and elevating the context of each track.

With nothing more to add, I will just say that Sinister King are making great first impressions with a solid and exciting debut EP that feels like an appetizer before the release of their first full-length. For the time being, listen to the “All is Vanity” and you won’t be disappointed.