SINISTRAL KING (Feat. Members Of VREDEHAMMER And More) Premiere New Song From Debut Album

Sinistral King

It’s been the insatiable hunger for musical creation, a never-ending desire to manifest occult creativity, that brought SINISTRAL KING together in early 2018. The trio, featuring members of UNLIGHT, TRIUMPH OF DEATH and VREDEHAMMER, has just recently announced the release of their debut album, titled Serpent Uncoiling, coming out on April 24th via Vendetta Records.

On their first magnum opus, the collective moves through the traditional roots of Black Metal, while never fearing to create a new, dark path: Five majestic, occult death-black metal pieces will be unleashed upon us here, which are paired with the dark elements of classical music; entertaining, gripping, full of diversity and darkest atmosphere. Now, SINISTRAL KING have premiered the album title track as a first appetizer, listen to “Serpent Uncoiling” below.

Their various stylistic elements allow SINISTRAL KING to create contradiction, contrast and diremption, but also unison and harmony, which is reflected on their debut album in every second. Raw, unadorned, passionate and above all deeply touching. Unadapted in an all-too-adapted time: SINISTRAL KING doesn’t want to choose between defined genres, but instead celebrates freedom.

The musical style of SINISTRAL KING is therefore composed of several, sometimes almost opposite, genres, in which the three band members have been home since the beginning of their longtime musical career in well-established acts. They combine their strengths and different backgrounds to create a unique, hauntingly reverberating sound in SINISTRAL KING. Their debut, Serpent Uncoiling, is filled with atmospheric and powerful soundscapes, which meet captivating melodies and cold moments of an old but yet new form of Death Black Metal.

Sinistral King Serpent Uncoiling