8th Anniversary Of Dime’s “RockWalk Hall Of Fame” Induction

rebel dime Today May 17, 2015 marks the eighth anniversary of Darrell “Dime Bag” Abbott‘s induction to the Hollywood RockWalk Hall of Fame. Never, in the history of metal, has a more profound personality and talent invaded our ear canals than when we all first heard PANTERA. For most it was a very shocking experience to say the least.  Most people do not know that Cowboys From Hell was not the “debut” album from the band, but their first major label recording. PanteraCowboysFromHellCoverArt Cowboys From Hell was actually the band’s 5th album after releasing 4 studio albums from their own independent label,  Metal Magic Records. The first album, Metal Magic, was released on June 10th, 1983. The second installment was called Projects In The Jungle released on July 27th, 1984. The third album, called I Am The Night, Was released on August 16, 1985. The fourth and final independent release was named Power Metal and was released June 24th, 1988. This day, we here at Metal Addicts, pay tribute to the mighty “Dime” and his life and legacy.

Here are some highlights from his induction in 2007 via his official website, dimebagdarrell.com . Enjoy.

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