AC/DC – Rock or Bust


They’re back. They’ve done it before, and goddamn it they’ve done it again! AC/DC has come back to us with their already legendary album “Rock or Bust” and it is, by far, my new favorite AC/DC album. I know some people thought that this band was going to lose their touch this album since they’ve been going for ages and “they can’t pull of another masterpiece again”. Well they’re wrong! “Rock or Bust” has the same revolutionary features that early AC/DC used to gain the amount of success that they did and it remains the same here with those vocals that are electrifyingly amazing, the guitars with their riffs and badassery return to keep their shiny throne as the kings of hard rock, and the drums that are beautifully fantastic as all the other albums before. This album is the embodiment of what happens when someone says you can’t do something, and then you prove them wrong against all odds with something that everyone everywhere enjoys and loves every single moment. Now I personally do not know if this will be the final album from the legends, but if it is then this is a very, very good album to leave on since it’s something that’ll last for generations as all their music has.

There is no [legal] stream for “Rock or Bust” in full that I could find, so the only place you can listen to the full album is either buying it at your local store or buying it on iTunes here, and other places like it.


Track Listing:

  1. Rock or Bust
  2. Play Ball
  3. Rock the Blues Away
  4. Miss Adventure
  5. Dogs of War
  6. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
  7. Hard Times
  8. Baptism By Fire
  9. Rock the House
  10. Sweet Candy
  11. Emission Control