ANTHROCENE: Listen To ‘Nucleation’ Album In Full


Seattle Thrash/Power/Heavy metallers, ANTHROCENE, will release their debut full-length, Nucleation, on June 28th. You can early stream the album in its entirety exclusively on Metal Addicts via Bandcamp widget below.

Nucleation is a concept album telling the story of a self-inflicted global conflagration, exploring themes of survival, loss, and transcendence with a sardonic sense of humor. ANTHROCENE teamed up with Aaron Smith (Jeff Loomis, 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Ghost Ship Octavius) for mixing and mastering and Caspian Priebe to create a lyrical comic book that accompanies the musical experience.

Hailing from Seattle, ANTHROCENE has accumulated a sonic arsenal that draws elements from wide-ranging influences across many metal subgenres, while maintaining a consistent sound and style. ANTHROCENE performances take listeners on a journey spanning from blackened thrash bangers to neo-classical power metal anthems to melodeath breakdowns.


Danny Tormoen: Guitar & Vocals 
Jesse Mazur: Guitar & Vocals 
Matt Ward: Drums & Vocals & Samples 
Keith Wyss: Bass & Vocals 
Boris Sagal: Lead Vocals