Carthagods (self-titled)

Carthagods I know we all know power metal. You know how it is. Righteousness, adventure, dragons sometimes, and whatever other out-of-this-world fantasy that you can imagine. I’ll be honest with you all, I don’t think that Carthagods really brought anything new to the power metal table with their self-titled debut, but this album is nonetheless a true power metal piece that fans of the genre will enjoy quite a bit. Everything is down pat and done right. The vocals are that traditional power metal sound that fans know like the back of their goddamn hand. The guitars are both rhythmic and awesome at the same time that really bring that unique sound that power metal is known for along with the drums whose beat is hypnotic to say in the least. That’s pretty much what every power metal album sounds like nowadays, but Carthagods isn’t generic because their powerful sound and longevity of it alone has allowed them to become the pioneers of the metal scene in the country of Tunisia, and being the top in your country is good no matter how you see it. And while I wasn’t blown away by Carthagods, I can say that as a power metal fan I did enjoy this album for what it is and so will other fans of the genre because it’s what you like and it’s back to remind you why you came to like power metal in the first place.

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Track Listing:

  1. My Favorite Disguise
  2. Shadows
  3. A Last Sigh
  4. Memories of Never Ending Pains
  5. My Revenge
  6. Eater of Sin
  7. I Am a Viking
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