Dead Alone – Nemesis

SCR-CD051 DEAD ALONE - Nemesis Cover The German melodic death metal band have brought us their latest helping, “Nemesis”, and it is fucking fantastic!

Dead Alone is an absolute punch to the face with this death/doom/black metal mix that has an amazing sound for the entire album.

If you want to hear something from a relatively unknown band that has the potential to become big and popular in the metal kingdom.

“Nemesis” is available for purchase on iTunes here and for streaming via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. Nemesis
  2. Eclipse
  3. Great New World
  4. Of Ash & Flesh
  5. Confession
  6. Wreckage
  7. Watch Me Fall
  8. As Worlds Collide
  9. Shade
  10. The Awakening