DEICIDE’s GLEN BENTON Explains His Rant Against SLIPKNOT And Corey Taylor

Glen Benton Corey Taylor

Back in 2016, DEICIDE frontman Glen Benton put Corey Taylor and Slipknot on a blast after Taylor promised him to bring them on tour, which never happened.

He said to Talk Toomey at the time: “Not to fucking bust balls, but I’ll bust balls. SLIPKNOT: ‘Oh we’re going to take you guys out man, we’re going to take you guys out dude.’ Yeah blow me. That’s what I say to you. Fucking blow me Corey Taylor and all you f-gs. OK. ‘Oh we’re going to take DEICIDE out on tour with us and blah blah blah.’ Blowing air up our asses, back in the day You know what, you never did a fucking thing for us. You introduced us at a show once. Great thanks. How about a fucking tour? How about fucking helping us out a little bit? I mean we’ve only been doing this for several years. You guys were like ‘Dude you were what got me started.’ Well you know what, return the fucking favor. You know what I mean?”

Now, Benton has returned to Talk Toomey to explain his choice words for Taylor and the band. “What people don’t understand is when I grew up, man, when we were kids and that, we used to call each other names like [f-gs].’” Benton said. “There was none of this political correctness bulls—. [My comment about Taylor] was taken a little more harsher than I wanted it to be taken.”