Eye of Horus – Infernal Calling

a0699591667_10 Sometimes all a band needs to do to be good is to stay true to their genre, and with the case of Eye of Horus being melodic death metal, that rule is no different. Their new album “Infernal Calling” isn’t what I would call “genre defining” or “transcending” as this is your basic melo-death album with the band’s own unique little edge which for Eye of Horus seems to be sacrificing a little melody to focus more on the death metal elements. And I have to say that even though “Infernal Calling” didn’t blow me away, it is definitely a solid album for its genre and will be approved by other fans of the genre like myself. The guitars are brutal and rhythmic as you would expect from them, and the riffs that they create are just magnificent to put it plainly. The vocals are very intense alongside the drums that have a great beat throughout all nine tracks of the album. The one thing that I can say I’m in love with about “Infernal Calling” is the cover art. I mean look at it! Overall though, this album isn’t mind blowing but it has its strengths and shows that Eye of Horus can really make a good album, they just have yet to meet the inspiration/motive/whatever to create that album. When that happens though, you can be damn sure I’ll be there to see how much they’ve matured.

You can stream “Infernal Calling” on Bandcamp here and purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Kevorkian
  2. Ghost of Departure
  3. The Self-Slaughter Affair
  4. Divination
  5. Feast of the Stillborns
  6. Raped in Half
  7. Hexagammatron
  8. As the Bloodline Flows
  9. Infernal Calling
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