Grenouer – Unwanted Today

d5acef3547d0e1d4462a87930165b052 Any small band from any country in the world has my support, but none deserve worldwide support more than the Russian group Grenouer.

They’re brand new album, “Unwanted Today”, is a great album that is the epitome of heavy metal without the intense vocals since Disturbed put out their last album, and until now fans of that style haven’t found anything groundbreaking to satiate their craves.

“Unwanted Today” is a fantastic combination of both metal and rock that had me as a fan of them both astounding and amazed as I listened to the entire album, and I know with every fiber of my being that many other people out there can do the same with Grenouer’s eighth studio album.

You can buy “Unwanted Today” via iTunes here and you can stream the entire album via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. Awake
  2. Unwanted Today
  3. A Little Too Obsessed
  4. Something Really bad
  5. On A Rainy Day
  6. Blossoms In The Dust
  7. I Can’t Stand It
  8. Daily Miracles
  9. Going To Stay
  10. Point Of No Return
  11. Artificial Tears
  12. Don’t Lrt Them Get You Down
  13. Clearway
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