Hosemen – Saturday Nite Conformity

The world of heavy music is getting weirder and weirder as we keep on laid down thinking on the old references of rock. To an ordinary millennia kid, labels as heavy rock, post-punk, gothic rock, psychedelic rock, and new wave are only forgotten labels that mean nothing to them because when they were born all those were altogether alive and kicking. They didn’t see them being born or evolving, they just listen to the ready songs on the digital players or else. They are part of their lives, but they’re ready, done. They are not the newest trend, but rock music is always the hype. Rock music is gone, but not forgotten. Well, to some long gone and forgotten because rock music is always a treat. To millennia kid that has just discovered rock, it’s natural to listen to everything that is labeled as rock, and we all know that under the label rock there lots of monsters. Else, to them it’s natural to mix all them when starting their own music. Naturally. That’s why we are listening to new bands as Hosemen “Saturday Nite Conformity” whose mix of rock styles is noticeable.

As a matter of fact, music has always been of this mixing of influences. Every musician of all genres mix willingly or willingly what he likes, what he thinks deserves his honor. On their turn, Hosemen with “Saturday Nite Conformity” mix lots 1980s rock influences from the post-punk to gothic, but it’s possible to notice even further influences as The Rolling Stones, especially on vocals. I like particularly like the debauch rock bands act. The meld of post-punk with other features of 1980s rock made Hosemen very near to the early The Cult, which is a band that I really appreciate. Pay attention, I said near. Most songs as “Sickness” have a great taste of The Cult. Some others reminds the also early U2, a band that I respect before all the messiah-know-it-all deal. The vocals on “Sickness” are pleasant because they are reckless the kind of reckless vocals we find on punk bands but with the despair only post-punk has. “Surround” sounds more U2 with the prominent bass lines and high-tuned clean guitars. And there goes humanity.

As I always say when I review a non-metal band, it’s good to listen to something different, but with good quality. Hosemen are a good band if you into something out of Metal. From where I’m standing it’s good to hear bands like this.

Hosemen “Saturday Nite Conformity” will be self-released on April 19th.

Track Listing:

  1. Sickness
  2. I Surround
  3. Hollow Man
  4. Saturday Nite Conformity
  5. Touch the Skies
  6. Rotterdam
  7. Mush

Watch “Hollow Man” official video here: