INTO COFFIN Go Into ‘Unconquered Abysses’

Terror From Hell Records is proud to present the second full-length from Germany’s dwellers of the deepest pit INTO COFFIN!
The band started its fateful voyage into void in 2015 when a first demo was released, commencing the dour march toward the shaping of their formula of Death Doom. After a well received debut album, an ep and a couple of splits, it is time to let INTO COFFIN engulf us again into a threatening turmoil of suffering.
With this new album the German trio create a churning maelstrom of burdensome blackness; while keeping their approach and sound untouched, the final result is incredibly darker than ever. The horror and suffering perpetrated here is build upon repugnant riffs from sulphurous mazes and pummeling drumming. Aggression balanced with unfathomable and uncomfortable stall. Vocals are guttural menaces from the netherworld, echoing of ancient horrors. Furthermore, the excellent production enhance the ominous atmosphere INTO COFFIN crafted around their music.
Extensive song lenghts are one of the band’s trademark and the new album is no exception, it encompass 4 songs in 75 minutes (“Catacombal Echoes from AB.ZU.” and “Archetype for the Total Ruin” marking +20 minutes each) of uproarious aural assault. But don’t be fooled by this aspect: the listening goes on fluently, the slow and fast parts are painstakingly rationed, engulfing the listener into a malevolent mare. While gasping for some air during the slowest parts, again you’re rapidly whelmed into the mephitic cauldron of punishing riffage and baneful chants. Let the horrific void consume you!

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