JASON KANE & THE JIVE Release ‘Soggy Noggin”

Originally hailing from Chicago, IL, guitarist and singer Jason Kane migrated down to San Antonio, TX. Eating, sleeping, and breathing rock n’ roll, his passion only grew as he played acoustic shows around town. However in 2014, that passion materialized into endless possibilities when he met bassist Nick Jive. With backgrounds in rock n’ roll and influences coming from other complimenting styles, they gelled instantly and formed what would become one of the best tandems in the local music scene. And just like that, Jason Kane & The Jive was born.

After spending the Summer writing and creating ideas, they took to the stage in the fall and began playing anywhere and everywhere in the city. When 2015 rolled in, they took their talents into the studio and recorded their first EP. It was at this time that many were beginning to take notice of their raw power and mesmerizing style, giving the band significant headway in standing out from other acts. Not before long, Jason Kane & The Jive were playing shows alongside big-name talents including Dokken, Moxy, Y&T, and Uli Jon Roth.

After many shows and returns to the studio, “The Jive” independently released their full-length, self-titled debut album on April 29th, 2017. Showcasing their uniqueness and range of abilities, this garnered more attention for the band and presented them with more opportunities to play with more national acts. Over the next year and a half, they proceeded to share the stage with Ace Frehley, The Winery Dogs, L.A. Guns, Pat Travers Band, Starz, Jackyl, Sebastian Bach, Uriah Heep, Legs Diamond, and Axe.

Jason Kane & The Jive re-entered the studio to record their follow-up album. This sophomore effort, titled “Hellacious Boogie,” was released on October 26th, 2018 and brought the band into view of a wider audience. The album built upon their sound and brought new elements into the mix, giving The Jive an even further distinct sound. There was no other band like them, and their fan-base was steadily growing.

For 2019, Jason Kane & The Jive took their show on the road and traveled the United States to spread the word of “Hellacious Boogie.” From big cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, to the likes of other notable locations including Las Vegas, Nashville, Houston, Indianapolis, and Lake Geneva, the band trekked on and left their musical footsteps behind for area locals to admire and wait anxiously for their return. During their stints back home in Texas between tours, The Jive was in and out of the studio putting together what would become their 3rd and most diverse album yet. Finally on March 21st, 2020, “Soggy Noggin” was released to the masses, bringing with it a stupendous blend of styles and genres and features many artists that have crossed paths with The Jive on their journey.

Currently, the album is receiving positive reviews and is reaching many different countries such as Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. Jason Kane & The Jive haven’t slowed down in the slightest, and are in the process of writing new material to continue bringing their unique sound and style to anyone and everyone around the world.

Band Line-Up:

Jason Kane – Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Nick Jive – Bass
Jules Flores – Drums (Tracks 1 and 2)
Thomas Chapoy – Drums (Tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10)
Steven Rodriguez – Drums (Tracks 6, 8, and 12)
John Eric – Lead Guitar (Track 3)
Joey Villalobos – Lead Guitar (Track 7)
Jimbo Martz – Acoustic Guitar (Track 11)
Steven Perez – Saxophone (Tracks 5 and 7)

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