Jason Kane & The Jive – Soggy Noggin’

Has my dear fan ever heard or Retro Rock or Regressive Rock?

Well, I really guess so. The term and style aren’t that new. As a matter of fact they are pretty old indeed. I guess it’s from the early 1990s. Bands as The Black Crowes and these days Greta Van Fleet are the highlights of this trend. Long story short, those bands try to bring back the good days of rock. It means to make music as it was done in the 1960s and 1970s. By the way, they aren’t Acid Rock or Psycheledic Rock or even Heavy Rock, but a mix of it all sometimes with a modern touch. As in all styles some bands are good, others not so. But this time here we have a fantastic band called Jason Kane & The Jive with their third album “Soggy Noggin’.

Jason Kane & The Jive chose the Hard Rock with generous doses of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Bad Company. If it the 1970s they could possibly be even considered Proto Metal due to the incredible ingredients mixed of Blues and Heavy Blues and even some funk. “Rising Smoke,” for instance, has all the vibratos and echos Led Zeppelin loved to use giving the song a pretty warm and cozzy atmosphere. It’s in the following track “Smooth Operator” – please, don’t confuse with the Sade’s 1980s hit – that The Doors influences came along with the characteristic keyboarding and cadence and a little jazz in the nd with the saxophones. It’s the song that approaches the band most with the groovy and jazzy atmosphere of the 1970s. Full of guitars with full chords and the Wah effect. Delicious sonancy if you ask me. Following the path of bouncing the influences getting sometimes heavier, as their peers used to do back than, comes “Unkown” with its hard riffing and heavy drumming. It’s there where Led Zeppelin meet Bad Company in a astonishing trip full of overdrive and Wahs and screams from the bottom of the throat.

Bottom line, “Soggy Noggin'” is a striking trip through the good old music from the 1970s. But not that shoddy hot parade music. No, sir. I mean the real good music full of Blues, Jazz, some funk and really great instrumental performance. If you allow me to suggest, go right to “Chains” and “The Landing” and hear the electric piano and the guitar. Impossible to get better. The latter has the modern touch I told with the shreading guitar leading to “Chica Boom” and its amazing guitar phrasing.

Jason Kane & The JiveSoggy Noggin'” was released in June via Jive Ass Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Machine of Dreams
  2. Long Time Comin’
  3. Wet Brain
  4. Rising Smoke
  5. Smooth Operator
  6. Unknown
  7. Chains
  8. The Landing
  9. Chica Boom
  10. Shadow of Love
  11. Burning Ships
  12. Bossman (Live in Studio) [ft. Top Shelf Brass Band]

Watch “Machine of Dreams” official video here:


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