NIKKI SIXX Watches Sons Perform At Legendary West Hollywood Venue 33 Years After MÖTLEY CRÜE


FIGS VISION, the Los Angeles-based band featuring MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx‘s sons, 20-year-old Storm (vocals) and 23-year-old Gunner (keyboards), along with Jordan Spoliansky (vocals, guitar) and Zackary Darling (bass), performed at the The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California nearly 33 years to the day after CRÜE did. Sixx tweeted after Thursday night’s (January 8) concert: “Tonight I got to watch my sons’ band FIGS VISION play the same venue I played 33 years ago this same month.They have a different sound and their own unique vibe which is what NEW music is all about… Thank you to the fan that tweeted me the picture and reminded me of this moment years ago. So much more could be said but I am sure you can imagine how cool this was…..‪#‎SupportNewMusic‬”

In a July 2013 posting on Facebook, Nikki — who shot an early promotional photo for FIGS VISION — stated about the band: “I’ve been watching them create music from inception and they are maturing into a great live and recording act.”

Sixx, 56, had one other kid with Brandi Brandt: 19-year-old Decker Nilsson Sixx. Sixx also has a 14-year-old daughter with Donna D’Errico named Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx.

Sixx and his new 29-year-old wife and How2Girl founder, Courtney Bingham, last year spent $4.125 million on a Westlake Village house, which has 10,300 square feet of living space.

Pictured above: Gunner Sixx and Jordan Spoliansky


Source: Blabbermouth