OBSCURA: US Visa Issues Caused Us Loss of $38,000, We Almost Broke Up


In a new interview with Guitar World, OBSCURA frontman Steffen Kummerer remembered one of the band’s biggest hardships: being denied US visas in 2015, forcing them to drop off the Summer Slaughter tour.

He said: “That caused a lot of problems we still suffer from. We lost $38,000 – $18,000 out of my own pocket – and we almost broke up.”

Around the same time, the group parted ways with fretless guitarist Tom Geldschl├Ąger, who was hired to track the guitar parts for what became the band’s fourth studio album, 2016’s Akr├│asis.

Steffen explained: “I had to re-record half of the record myself. But something good came out of it. Rafael Trujillo joined and did all the touring.”

Trujillo chimed in: “It was always a little dream of mine to play in a band. But at the beginning, it was a lot of work to learn all the songs on a seven-string.

“At the same time, switching gears like that taught me a lot and prepared me to help write [the band’s fifth and latest album, 2018’s] Diluvium.”