QUEENSRŸCHE’s MICHAEL WILTON: How Diminishing Budgets Have Affected Recording Process


Progressive metal band QUEENSRŸCHE recently did question-and-answer session with listeners of the Pennsylvania radio station 97.9 X. You can now watch the video below.

Asked how QUEENSRŸCHE approaches the recording process today compared to a time when recording budgets were in the high six figures, guitarist Michael Wilton responded: “Very carefully. This is the modern age. We all have computers with Pro Tools systems on, so you get a lot of the initial work kind of ‘pre-done.’ These days, you can do most of the recording on your own personal studio, so that brings the budget way down. We usually rent out a big room for drums, and that’s usually the biggest expense as far as the production cost. And everything else is kind of… Overdubs are subbed out into smaller places — sometimes our homes, sometimes our rehearsal halls. Generally, the budgets have shrunken, so you just have to be wise with your money, because sometimes the producer eats up a big portion of that, and then what’s left is kind of what the start-up is for your tour. It’s really a mathematical game, to try and just figure out what you actually get to keep out of that recording budget.”

The band is currently in the studio working at their second album with La Torre and their 15th overall. On November 7, 2014, the band opened a pledge drive through PledgeMusic under the motto “Building The Empire”, offering regular pledge rewards such as CDs, exclusive access and equipment, but also an investment opportunity for $50,000 in Queensrÿche Holdings, LLC to accredited investors.