Rob Scallon covers ‘Angel of Death’ on banjo


Chicago-based guitarist Rob Scallon, who became an Internet sensation in May when he released a video for his ukulele cover version of SLAYER‘s “War Ensemble”, has returned with yet another unconventional rendition of a SLAYER song, this time with his banjo take on “Angel Of Death”. Check it out below.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to find out is that he’s actually making a living doing it – he’s been a full time YouTuber for a year and a half. He talks about how he monetizes the videos and makes money:

I’m partnered with Google so that revenue is split between YouTube and I. And in the case of the covers, — this is actually pretty new, you weren’t able to do this prior — there’s a three way rev-split that makes monetizing covers possible. So with these Slayer covers, for example, the revenue from those ads is split between Google, Slayer’s management, and myself. So everyone’s happy. The last “Raining Blood” cover had Slayer trending on Facebook, which I was really happy about. They make money, I make money, YouTube makes money. And there’s also the song sales, which are kind of a new thing. I don’t really know how that’s gonna turn out yet because it’s really delayed, but for that I go through a company… they handle all the legal stuff so Slayer gets their proper royalties and then I can also sell the cover on iTunes.