The Dystopian Project – Death Leaves An Echo

 Progressive rock is a genre that is filled to the absolute brim with bands that are trying to create new sounds but do nothing but recycle what’s been done before. However, “Death Leaves An Echo” from the Irish band The Dystopian Project shows that some bands out there do have the capability to create a fresh new sound that’s different from what we’ve heard before.

The smooth riffs alongside the female vocals make “Death Leaves An Echo” a breath of fresh air for someone like me who isn’t all that familiar of female fronted rock bands with the scene being dominated by other more popular bands (ex. Foo Fighters).

With the addition of instruments like a keyboard, The Dystopian Project go back to somewhat familiar territory to create something new out of it and make it all fresh and shiny and feel like it’s not something that we’ve been hearing for decades already, and this makes this album impressive in its own right.

“Death Leaves An Echo” is available for streaming via Bandcamp here and then purchase it via iTunes here.


Track Listing:

  1. Broken Reality
  2. Delirium
  3. Dystopian
  4. Last Innocent Man
  5. Winter’s Hall
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